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    Team Selection / Rosters

    Future Ice Times

    See Ice Time Tab on Left.....

    Hockey Registration

    Registration Dates & Times

    Missed Hockey Registration Dates for Traveling Hockey - Never Too Late. Contact Brad Loch to Sign Up ( 507-363-2916 ). Need to Register prior to Early Bird Camp.


    See Register 2016-17 Tab (Left) for Forms, USA Hockey Link and Early Bird Schedules (Starts Sat - Oct 1st)

    Registration Dates & Times for Traveling Hockey Players & Mites In-House Program through the Park & Rec, Equipment Rental for all levels, Fundraising ( Traveling Players Only - Raffle Tickets & Papa Murphy's Pizza - Note: No Burger Basket Night this year ) and Wedgwood Cove Card for all Hockey Families ( Mites to Bantams ) - 10 % of Sales goes back to ALHA for the 2016 / 2017 Season. 

    Dibs / Volunteer ( See Tab on Left ) is open to sign up for the 2016 / 2017 Season ( Use same Username / Password from last year. New Traveling Parents need to sign up - Create Username / Password.

    Concession Shifts and Waldorf Game Shifts ( New this year - these shifts will go towards your total requirements vs having the Teams doing a weekend. Note: No Junior Gold Tourney this year to work off your requirements. Those that like working games shifts vs being behind the Concession Stand, here is your opportunity. 19 Home Games + Plus 6 Playoffs ). 1st Weekend Games ( 09/09 & 09/10 ) - Shifts are available to start claiming. 

    Albert Lea Hockey Association - Board Meeting

    Next Board Meeting - Wed. - Oct. 26th - 7:00 PM @ City Arena

    All Association Members are Welcomed and Encouraged to Attend !!

    Coaches ( Head & Assistant ), Team Mangers, Locker Room Monitors, Board Members Electronic Background Screening

    All Travel Team Coaches, Team Managers & Board Members must do a annual background screening. This is done online at the MN Hockey Website. Click on the link above to take you to the screening page. You will need a user name and password. If you have one for the Albert Lea Website you can use that.

    USA / MN Hockey Screening

    The safety of its participants is of paramount importance to USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey.  This includes not only on-ice safety, but also off-ice safety in any part of Minnesota Hockey’s programs. The USA Hockey SafeSport Program is intended to protect all participants, not just players, from any type of misconduct or abuse.  

    By pulling together existing USAH off- ice safety policies related behavior and hockey environment management, constructing a supervision and monitoring structure, creating a reporting, investigatory, and response system, production of education and awareness training materials, and enhancing participant screening, USAH has taken giant steps towards improving off-ice safety.

    USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abuse and misconduct. Through the USA Hockey SafeSport Program, USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey are committed to creating the safest possible environment for participation in hockey.

    An important part of our SafeSport program is the volunteer background screening, which Minnesota Hockey has had implemented for many years.  Minnesota Hockey & USA Hockey’s screening policy includes a set criteria for which a person may be disqualified and prohibited from serving as an employee or volunteer of Minnesota Hockey USA Hockey. Under the policy, Minnesota Hockey will not authorize or sanction any employee or volunteer who has routine access to children unless that person consents to be screened and passes a criminal background screen conducted by the Affiliate or USA Hockey.

    2016 – 2017 Season

    Minnesota Hockey is switching background screening providers and going to a new screening vendor. Instead on an annual screening, the new background screening will be good for two years. The new screening scans a wider range of local and national databases and is processed much quicker than our old system. We are confident this new program will better protect your children and provide a thorough check for all those submitting. 

    The following persons be screened in accordance with this policy:

    1. Members of the Minnesota Hockey Board of Directors

    2. Local Association / Club administrators and board members

    3. Coaches

    4. Team managers

    5. Officials

    6. Locker room monitors

    7. Travel chaperones

    8. Billet Families

    9. Anyone with routine access to youth participants