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    Virtual, Stickhandling Sessions: Free for ALHA Players

    ALHA Families,

    TMJ would like to provide a free, virtual opportunity for all ALHA hockey players during the 4-week pause. We will be hosting 30-minute ZOOM stick handling workout sessions 3 x a week starting this coming Monday, November, 23rd. 

    Times are as follows: 

    --Peewee/U12/Bantam Sessions: 5 pm- 5:30 pm,  M-W-Th

    --Squirt Sessions: 5:45 pm- 6:15 pm,  M-W-Th

     Tristan Klewsaat, defenseman for Waldorf College, and one of our lead dryland instructors, will be leading the sessions. Tristan has had experience with virtual workouts as a member of the USA floorball team.  

    To sign-up to receive the ZOOM links each week, please email us at and I will add you to the list.  Please include your child's name, which session you are signing up for, and also the email address you would like the links to be sent to. 

    Equipment needed: 

    1) A floor of some kind (garage floor, etc); if you have plexiglass board that is great but it is not necessary)

    2) Stick/gloves/shoes

    3) Wood stick handling ball (golf ball also works!), green biscuit, etc.

    4) Cones, hockey puck, tape  (anything that acts like cones) etc. 

    5) Good attitude and a hard work ethic 

    If you have questions, or I've forgotten something let us know. Hoping we can keep our kids connected and inspired throughout the pause. 

    Thank You, 

    Joe and Mollee Tscholl



    140 Broadway South

    Albert Lea, MN 56007

    Albert Lea City Arena Statement about Shutdown & Pause

    Yesterday Governor Walz announced Executive Order 20-99, instituting a pause on all youth sports and adult events throughout the state of Minnesota effective this Friday, November 20 through Friday, December 18. This order coincides with the City of Albert Lea’s recent announcement of a shutdown of the City Arena.

    All City Arena activities must pause as instructed during the next four weeks. We understand that this news is disappointing, as we know the benefits that organized sports and other events provide. However we also understand why this decision was made. Not only is it important that the spread of this virus is controlled but this pause is also being implemented in order to save the remainder of the winter event season.

    There will still be time for our Events to continue, but we must do everything we can to keep our users and their families safe and preserve those opportunities. That includes taking this pause seriously, and not doing anything to jeopardize our chances of being able to restart.

    Albert Lea  City Arena  will be paused effective Friday Nov 20th at 11:59 pm. Please look for further information to be sent out as we approach the end of the four week pause on whether the Executive Order will expire or continue.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through these times. Please do not hesitate to contact the Recreation Office at 507-377-4370 or the City Arena at 507-377-4374 with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you all back at the City Arena as soon as things allow.


    Access to the Albert Lea City Arena will by  emergency appointment only.  The building access doors will be re-keyed and  individual key access will be not be available during the pause. If you must gain access to the Arena please do so before 10 pm on Friday November 20th.



    Lon Sorenson

    Ice Arena and Recreation Coordinator

    City of Albert Lea


    Description: Description: Description: Description: citylogo-color_sm.jpg

    Governor Walz Executive Order 20-99 - November 18, 2020

    Implementing a Four Week Dial Back on Certain Activities to Slow the Spread of COVID-19. ( Executive Order 20-99 ).

    g. Organized Youth Sports. Organized Youth Sports organizations and programs must stop all in-person activities—including practices, group workouts, games, and tournaments. i. “Organized Youth Sports” means any sports activity, where participants are children or adolescents, organized by an entity, association, club, or organization providing for registration of participants and oversight on a regular basis for a defined period of time. Sports activities within this definition include all sports offered by schools (public and nonpublic), the Minnesota State High School League, or similar organizations, as well as dance, cheerleading, and other sports traditionally offered by supplemental associations or organizations.

    Four week shutdown starting Friday Nov 20th @ Midnight coinciding with the City Arena's recent announcement of a shutdown ( Nov 23rd to Dec 7th ).  Stay tune for more announcements near the end of the four week period for expiration of the Order or a continuation. Also See MN Hockey COVID  Update - Nov 18 below.

    All ice activities ( including out of state opportunities / invites ) will pause after Nov 20th. A Bantam Tournament ( Nov 20-22 ) will be canceled along w/ B Bantam ( Dec 4-6 ), B Peewee ( Dec 11-13 ) and we will see on A Squirts ( Dec 18-20 ).

    Dib Claims will be credited by Cheryl Carlson during the shut down - no need to submit cancelations.

    With a month shutdown and the the potential for more, fees ( Partial Refund ) will be discussed with the Board and will be communicated at a later date. Parents w/ Payment Plans ( 1st & 15th ) will continued to be drawn until there is a plan.

    Managers - Reminder on Hotel Reservations during this pause to connect and cancel. The Board will connect with the Association Tournament Directors for submittal of reimbursement for Entry Fees for these Away Tournaments.

    Challenging Times / Stay Safe

    Stay tune for ongoing updates...

    10/21 -Update:

    If a member of a player's household tests positive, that player must stay home for 14 days. Even if the player receives a negative test result, they need to complete 14 days of quarantine before returning to the team. If another member of the household tests positive, the 14-day quarantine resets at the most recent positive test result.

    1. Inform your team and Association COVID-19 Contact (Abby Leach – 507-391-0361 – abby@leachlawalbertlea.comof a player testing positive, someone in their household testing positive or have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID-19.

    COVID-19 Awareness

    COVID-19 Preparedness Plans created. See Doc's and COVID Contacts below. Note: ALHA's COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will be included as part of everybody's On-Line Registration ( Electronic Sign -Off ).  For those that participated in summer Triple A Programs ( Metro Tournaments ) - our program will have a lot of the same requirements to minimize COVID transmission.

    Plan Highlights for Players:

    1. Players (masked) should arrive at the rink no more than 15 minutes before the start of on-ice activates. Anyone arriving earlier than 15 minutes before their start time should wait outside of the facility and. social distance from others.  Arena Staff and Coaches / Managers will monitor accordingly.

    2. Players (masked) should arrive to the arena fully dressed with the exception of skates, gloves, helmets & goalie gear ( Hockey Bags  are allowed to for this equipment only ). Full gear change in and out is not allowed.

    3. For practices or clinics, players are allowed one parent/guardian to be in the arena. Those parents/guardians should be socially distance from others. Masks are required for any spectators. per MDH mandate.

    4. Locker Room Protocol: Players must comply with all posted signs regarding maximum occupancy limits for locker rooms. Players must comply with marked seating requirements in locker rooms. At times, the situation might require players to use chairs / benches outside the locker rooms to maintain social distancing.

    5. After any ice session - players should remove their skates and helmets and leave the premises (masked) at the designated exit ( Nystrom - South Exit ) with in 10 minutes. Arena Staff and Early Bird Coaches will monitor accordingly.

    USA Hockey's Equipment Tips:

    • Most equipment can be washed in a household washing machines with regular detergent.  Use the gentle/delicate cycle for shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pad liners and gloves.  Allow equipment to dry completely, which may take up to 24 hours.  You can use a spray disinfectant daily and thoroughly wash at least every other week.
    • Helmets, skates, sticks and shin pad coverings can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes after each use.
    • Jerseys, socks and undergarments should be washed after each use.
    • Take equipment out of your hockey bag and air dry after each use. 
    • Disinfecting wipes and sprays can be purchased in your local grocery stores or markets. These products meet the EPA List N for use against SARS- CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


    Wedgewood Cove Golf Club - 10 % ALHA Promotion is back for the 2020 / 2021 Season !!

    10 % of all Food & Drink Sales from Oct 1st 2020 to Oct 1st 2021 will go back to the Albert Lea Hockey Association. Open to anybody connected with Hockey ( Mites to High School - Payers, Coaches & Board Members ). You need to present your card ( see attachment ) to your server each time to get the credit. Top Sales Card #'s ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd ) will receive a Gift Card to Wedgewood Cove Golf Club. If you didn't get your card at Fall Registration in Sept, Connect w/ Brad Loch ( 507-363-2916 ).